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About Us

Originally founded in 1976 as a folk duo by Pelham natives Chris Brown and Joe Summo, BOOKENDS with their eclectic mix of original compositions and interesting covers quickly became one of the most sought after bands on the local college circuit. As their popularity grew, so did the band into a more traditional rock band instrumentation, bass, drums and keyboards -- THE BOOKENDS BAND. 
Though the size of the band and venues grew, they never lost sight of their formula for success. A Bookends show evokes a full range of emotions. Four uniquely gifted lead vocalists allowing for coverage of a wide range of music from the Classic era. The song list is filled with surprises.


Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown is a Westchester based singer/ songwriter.  A master storyteller, he has released several albums of original music. He is also the founder/ leader of the "Bookends" band. Chris is also an accomplished artist, sculptor, and graphic designer. His sports and political caricatures are often featured in the Gannett Westchester newspapers. 

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Lou Bellofatto

Lou was an original member of “The Bookends Band” and “Steeplechase”. He has spent most of his career composing and arranging music for national advertising. In recent years he has worked with Julie Taymor as a second music director on the film “Across the Universe”, has performed with Carly Simon promoting her “Into White” CD and has played on Broadway in the musical “Hot Feet”. 

Anthony Summo

Anthony was an original member of the Westchester based rock bands “Steeplechase” and “Crossfire” and has been a “Bookend” for the past three years. His heart and soul is rock and roll. Tony is the secret weapon, the red pepper to “kick it up a notch”. Just when you think the party is in full swing, that’s when we let Tony out of his cage. 

Doc Alcott

Mike Marble

Mike has played drums in more bands than he can remember, not to mention all the recording sessions! Mike has also played in “the pit” for productions of “Little Shop of Horrors”, “Seussical”, “Godspell”, “Tommy”, “Grease”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “High School Musical”, as well as playing on the official reference recording for the new musical “Wonderland High”. Mike has toured throughout the United States and Europe for various bands/clients. Mike is known for his rock-solid groove, enthusiasm, love of performing, and seriously high jumps off his drum seat at the end of certain songs!

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